Frequently Asked Question
Are there any hidden fees or commission costs?
Absolutely NOT, there are NO fees or any additional costs to sell your property to Houston Cash Offer.
Will I receive my payment in Cash?
Although Houston Cash Offer makes the majority of their purchases in Cash or in "Like Cash" transaction we do close at reputable Title Companies and they will either pay you in a Cashiers Check or Via Wire, whichever you prefer.
What if my property is full of trash? Do I have to clean it prior to closing?
When Houston Cash Offer buys a property we buy in any condition, we do ask that you take any personal belongings and welcome you to leave any trash or unwanted items behind,. Let us handle the clean up so you dont have to stress.
Do you buy in other cities and states or just Houston?
Although our name is Houston Cash Offer, we do buy in other cities and states and have investor partners nation wide. We have a solution for any property, any situation, any place. Send in the property and we will happily make you an offer.

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